Program description:

In the Associate Degree in Commercial Bakery and Pastry Science, students will learn about the basic managerial and operational issues of a bakery and pastry business. In addition, you will have a hands-on approach to making local and international bakery and pastry products targeting different areas of the food industry. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to begin or continue their professional careers in establishments such as bakeries, pastry shops within hotels, restaurants and hospitals, among other sectors of the food industry, or establish their own business. Through the courses of the professional component, the students will elaborate products such as breads, desserts for plating, Puerto Rican and Caribbean desserts, chocolate and sugar, celebration cakes, and nutritional desserts. This program incorporates 200 hours of internships in the food sector establishments in Puerto Rico or the United States that integrate the concept of bakery and pastry as part of their operational tasks. Upon completing this associate degree, the student will be able to request admission and continue their studies in the Bachelor of Culinary Management where they will expand their culinary knowledge and be able to work in various operations within the food field or establish their own business.