Program description:

The BS in Management and Industrial Engineering (IME) program prepares its students to design, manage, improve, and implement integrated systems comprised of people, materials, information, equipment, facilities, and energy. The IME program uses skills and knowledge of mathematics, probability and statistics, social science, cost analysis, project management, operations research, quality management, and systems engineering, along with engineering design methods to specify, predict, and evaluate the results. results of those integrated systems that produce goods and services (eg, hospitals, airports, hotels, logistics networks, banks, insurance companies, factories, pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries, among others). Industrial and management engineers are the only engineers trained to be specialists in process improvement and productivity, they work to make processes safer, faster, easier and more rewarding, and to eliminate or reduce waste (eg, time, materials, energy) and generally reduce costs. For all these reasons, industrial and management engineers have the opportunity to climb to leadership positions