Program description:

The Social Work Program promotes an integral formation of the Student’s through the curriculum in order to achieve the professional competencies for the generalist practitioner. These competencies will foster the development of knowledge, skills and values with a focus in professional identity, theoretical and methodological formation, critical thinking, human rights, diversity, and gender equality, learning through service, an interdisciplinary approach and the use of technology. These dimensions and competencies are practiced through actions with individuals, families, communities and organizations. The curricula of the program foster the readiness of the student for the field education in diverse contexts, with special emphasis in those settings where there may be conditions of discrimination, vulnerability, oppression, poverty and exclusion. That is why the last part of the curriculum is one year of field practice in generalist social work. These experiences will provide the student with the integration of all the developed competencies, as  well as the opportunity to serve within a social context in need.