The Banner Finance Security Office is responsible for granting and removing access privileges of associates of AGMUS within the Banner Finance application, as the position of the associate so merits it. At present, these applications are processed through specific forms for each petition, which are received through the Help Desk or e-mail. They must be filled out and must comply with the procedure established in the Banner Finance Security Manual. After granting the privileges, our office keeps a digital file of each one of the applications that evidences that the application procedure and the granting of privileges was done as established.

Currently, we work with the following applications within the Banner Finance application:

1. Creation of account: either due to the creation of a position or because the current position merits access to the Banner Finance application.

2. Modify accesses in an existing account, as the associate’s position merits.

a. Assign or remove user funds or organizations

b. Assign or remove user classes (combination of screens/objects). If you have any doubts, you may consult the document Classes by Position or Class Description

c. Assign or remove user access levels.

d. Create or deactivate approval paths. This includes the configuration of approval levels of each associate within the Queue.

3. Deactivate account: either due to the termination of employment or because the associate has been transferred to another office. It is the responsibility of the associate in charge of the account, or his immediate supervisor, to notify this type of cancellation.

On the other hand, our office is in charge of ensuring the security of the transactions generated in the Banner Finance System, thereby detecting errors and problems therein. Reports are also used and tools are created to maintain and safeguard the integrity of the information in the database application.  

It is necessary for all associates with an active account in Banner Finance to take responsibility for it. If the associate needs additional information about an access request procedure, he may consult the Banner Finance Security Manual, and if he needs a guide on how to generate transactions or manage a budget, he may consult the Training Manual.

For additional information or guidance, you may call the Security Administrator at extension 7502.


Manual and Procedures