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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Turn your passion into your profession!

Admission application will be available on February 1st

Admission Requirements

 • For August 2024, complete the application process and document submission through the School of Veterinary Medicine Admissions portal. 

 • Complete and apply through VMCAS (for August 2025)

 • Bachelor’s degree in related areas to the program, from an accredited institution


    - Two semesters of General Biology (6 credits)

    - One semester of General Microbiology and laboratory (4 credits)

    - One semester of Genetics (3 credits)

     - General Chemistry and laboratory (4 credits)

     - General Organic Chemistry and laboratory (4 credits)

     - One semester of Biochemistry (3 credits)

     - One semester of General Physics (3 credits)

     - One semester of any of the following: Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics (3 credits)

     - Two semesters of English (6 credits)

     - One semester of Humanities or Social Sciences (3 credits)

     - Recommended
        - One semester of Animal Nutrition (3 credits) 

 •  A minimum letter grade of C is required in all the required courses.**

 •  A minimum GPA of 3.00

 •  Submit CasPer test scores
    - All applicants are required to complete Casper as part of their application for the 2023/24  admissions cycle. To complete these assessments visit to create an account and register to complete the following assessments:
          Casper: 90-110 minute online, open-response situational judgment test (*Duet is not required to apply to our program).

 •  Provide proof of English competency if English is not your first language
    - TOEFL or IELTS

      -Universidad Ana G. Méndez- Gurabo Campus
      -DI Code: D667
      - Location: Gurabo, Puerto Rico

 • Have completed the equivalent of a minimum of 300 hours of veterinary professional experience
    - Hands-on experience and/or related areas research experience

 • Submit evidence of Immunization against rabies

 • Submit 3 letters of recommendation
    - One must be written by a veterinarian; the rest could be written by professors and/or researchers.

 • Submit an official transcript

 • Submit a $100.00 nonrefundable application fee.

 • Once the application is received and evaluated, the student will be a candidate for a personal interview with the Admissions Committee.

*Exceptions or substitutions could be possible case by case basis at the admissions committee member discretion. 


For more information, access the School of Veterinary Medicine website.

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Letter of Reasonable Assurance
This is a status awarded to developing colleges in the UA and Canada. This recognition allows the College to pursue its plan for the veterinary program, and to admit students. Reasonable Assurance is not a pre- accreditation action, by the Council, and does not confer accreditation of any kind on a developing college.